Retirement planning

Follow these steps to plan your retirement

You can retire at any time between ages 55 and 75 (the minimum age will increase to 57 from 2028).

When considering the age you want to retire, remember that:

  • If you retire early, your Account may be smaller and will need to last you longer.
  • If you retire later, your Account may be larger and will not need to last as long.

You may also want to check when you can take your State Pension. The age you can take it from will depend on when you were born. You can find out exactly what age you can get your State Pension at If you plan to retire before your State Pension starts, you will need to check your other savings are enough to live off until you reach State Pension age.

What happens if...?

Our FAQs explain what happens if you take family leave, leave AXA, are made redundant, are absent due to long-term sickness, want to leave the Mastertrust, get divorced or die.

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