Retirement planning

Follow these steps to plan your retirement

Once you’ve looked at how much you’ve currently got and worked out how much you need, you may decide that you need to:

  • Change your contributions levels – see how this would affect your pay and how to make a change with the contributions calculator.
  • Change your investments – see our Investment section for more information and then log in to your LifeSight Account to make a change.
  • Change the age you plan to retire – you can update your Target Retirement Age by logging in to your LifeSight Account.
  • Consider your retirement options – if you’re approaching retirement see our retirement options section for more information.
  • Make the most of the support and guidance available to you as you approach retirement.

If you’re unsure about what to do to plan for your retirement, you can get advice from an independent financial adviser (IFA). Advisers charge for their services and you can find out more about how to choose one by going to

What happens if...?

Our FAQs explain what happens if you take family leave, leave AXA, are made redundant, are absent due to long-term sickness, want to leave the Mastertrust, get divorced or die.

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