Do you know where all your retirement savings are?

23 October 2023

There’s an estimated £37billion of lost pensions in the UK. Does any of it belong to you?

Sunday 29 October is National Pension Tracing Day. It’s a day where there’s an extra hour for you to track down your lost pensions.

Most of us will have a number of jobs and address changes over a lifetime, so it’s easy to lose track.

If you find any lost pensions, you’ll want to know what to do next. Join our Retirement Service provider, Hargreaves Lansdown, on 31 October to find out.

Your hosts will discuss your options and the things you’ll need to be aware of if you want to get all your pensions in the same place.

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If you can’t make the webinar, have a read of our guide to help you track down your pensions.

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Important notes

This article, guide and webinar are for information only and isn’t personal advice. It’s important that you check your current provider doesn’t charge exit fees or if you’ll lose any guarantees by transferring. If you’re at all unsure, please ask about financial advice.

You can normally only access the money in a pension from age 55 (57 from 2028). All investments, including those in your pension, can fall as well as rise in value. This means you could get back less than you put in.