LifeSight Webinars November 2021

19 January 2022

AXA recently ran a series of Webinars with LifeSight. The sessions covered how to make the most of the tools on your LifeSight Account, including the ageOmeter, Spending Planner and Savings Planner, so you can feel confident about managing your savings.

We tailored the content of these webinars to focus on three different aspects of saving:

  • Introduction to LifeSight - for employees who are new to LifeSight or aged under 45. This provided a general overview of the features of your LifeSight account.
  • Getting the most out of your retirement options - for people who are mid-career and may be thinking about retirement options.
  • Making the most of your pension investments - for those looking for more information on the investment options available.

Please find recordings of the Webinars below, together with a document of frequently asked questions.

LifeSight November 2021 Webinar Sessions Combined FAQs