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Contribution Calculator

How much does it cost you?

Because of the tax and potential NI relief, your contributions might cost you less than you think. Plus, the company's contribution means that the amount going into your pot is significantly more than the actual cost to you. This is calculated below.

So you will end up paying:
Tax and NI relief means you save:
so the amount going into your pot:
Plus the amount contributed to your pot by the Company
This means, for the amount you end up paying, you get a monthly total of:

Please note that the contribution calculator is for illustration purposes only. It assumes that you do not participate in any other salary sacrifice arrangements and it does not include any other taxable income you might receive. The actual tax and National Insurance savings you receive may differ from the figures shown above.

This calculator assumes tax relief on England, Wales and Northern Ireland income tax bands and will be different if you’re resident in Scotland.


This section explains what to expect when you reach retirement and how to plan for it.

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