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Welcome to AXA, and the website for the AXA UK Group Pension Scheme (the Scheme).

At AXA we want to help you actively plan for a financially healthy retirement. Whatever age you are, taking time to think about your retirement savings is worth doing.

All new joiners are enrolled into the defined contribution section of the Scheme, which means that you and AXA pay money into your Personal Account which is invested to help it grow in value. You then use the funds you have built up to provide an income in retirement. To find out how much being a member costs, see the contributions calculator. Our video below explains more about pensions.


Everyone employed by AXA is automatically enrolled on day one into the Scheme.

Shortly after starting, you will receive a letter from Aegon (the administrators) to confirm your membership of the Scheme and the details you need to access and manage your pension account online.

If you need any help with using this site, or have a query about your pension, use the ‘here to help’ link above to contact us.

If you are fortunate enough to have gross annual earnings in excess of £200,000, or if you have already built up pension savings close to or in excess of £1,073,100, there may be limits to the tax relief you can receive through the Scheme. Please click here for further information if you are in the 2008 Section. If you are in the 2017 Section please click here.

Important note: If you have previously applied for any form of protection from HMRC, please contact the AXA Pensions Team immediately.

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