Your defined contribution AXA pension


The Pension Scheme is governed by AXA UK Pension Trustees Limited. The Trustees are an independent body who have a responsibility to run the Scheme in the best interests of all the beneficiaries and ensure that the Scheme Rules are adhered to. There are six Trustee Directors; three Company Nominated Directors, two Member Nominated Directors, plus one Director from the Law Debenture.

AXA Trustees
Stephen Yandle

Company Nominated Trustee Director

Chairman of the Joint Trustees
  David Felder

Trustee Director from Law Debenture 
Dianne Chua

Company Nominated Trustee Director

Head of Capital at AXA UK CRO Office
Andrew Bradshaw

Independent Trustee from Ross Trustees
  Anna O’Donoghue

Member Nominated Director

Architas Investment COO
    Nirali Patel

Member Nominated Director

AXA PPP Chief Data Officer
  Ken Smith

Member Nominated Director