Retirement FAQs

I am nearing retirement. What support will I receive?

AXA offers a number of support opportunities to current employees, including pension seminars and roadshows, and all members of the Scheme will receive communications as you approach retirement. Please click here for further information.

What are my retirement options?

You will have several options to choose from when you come to take the money from your Personal Account. The Retirement Options section of the site explains these in more detail. 

When can I retire?

Your default retirement age is 65, however you can currently choose to retire between age 55 and 75. If you’re planning to retire before or after age 65, then please inform us so that we can contact you at the appropriate time and also update your investments if you’re in a Lifecycle Strategy (see the investments section for more information). 

How do I change my retirement age?

You can change your retirement age by logging in to your pension account at

Do I have to finish working before I take my pension benefits?

When you take your pension it is not linked to your employment status. You can currently take your pension benefits anytime from age 55 to age 75, regardless of whether you’re still working or not. However, you may want to consider the tax implications of taking pension benefits while still working.

How much State Pension will I get?

To get a forecast of how much you’re likely to get in State Pension, please go to

When can I take my State Pension?

To check your State Pension age, please go to

What if I can’t decide which retirement option is best for me?

The government offers a free guidance service for anyone aged over 50, called Pension Wise. You can book a telephone or face to face appointment with them by going to

If you’d like any advice on which retirement options to choose, then you will need to speak to a financial adviser. You can find a financial adviser in your area at