General FAQs

How does the Scheme work?

The Scheme helps you to save for retirement by investing the money you and AXA pay in to create a pot of cash you can use to provide you with an income. The advantages of the Scheme over other ways of saving are that AXA will also pay into it for you, and you receive help from the Government in the form of tax reliefs.

How do I join?

AXA contractually enrols all new employees into the Scheme from the first day you start work (unless specific alternative arrangements have been made). 

How do I access my pension account?

You can access your Personal Account by logging in at If you haven’t registered previously, then you’ll need your account number. If you don’t have this, then please contact Aegon on 0345 603 4048 or email them at

Who are Aegon?
Aegon are the administrators of the Scheme and will be able to help you with any administrative queries you might have about your pension account. They recently acquired BlackRock’s administration business, so you may see the name Aegon appear in emails and on the website. See the news article for more information.

Is it possible to transfer in benefits from other pension arrangements?

Yes, it may be possible to transfer in benefits from other pension arrangements. If you’re interested in investigating this further, please contact Aegon on 0345 603 4048 or email

How do I use my Personal Account to fund my retirement?

You will have several options to choose from when you come to take the money from your Personal Account. The Retirement Options section of the site explains these in more detail. 

Is my pension safe?

Your pension is held in a trust-based scheme which means that the money you save into it is totally separate from AXA the company. The main risk you take is investing your funds in the markets, which can go up and down. If AXA were to cease trading, your funds could be transferred to another scheme. The Scheme also falls under the remit of the Pension Regulator, who is there to ensure all those charged with running pension schemes do so correctly and effectively. You can find out more on their website