Contributions FAQs

What are my pension contributions?

The contribution calculator will show what your default pension contributions are and what the impact of any changes would be.

Can I change my contributions?

Yes. You can find out more about paying more (or less) in our contributions section.

How do I know how much to save?

This is a difficult question to answer as there are many factors to think about and it depends on individual circumstances. The Retirement Planning section of the site explains what you need to consider. 

How do I receive tax relief on my pension contributions?

All employees will automatically receive income tax relief on their contributions through payroll. Most employees will also be able to get NI relief if their contributions are paid through our salary sacrifice arrangement, known as Paysmart. 

What is Paysmart?

Paysmart is the salary sacrifice arrangement for all employees of AXA UK and Ireland. By making your contributions through Paysmart or any salary sacrifice arrangement, you make both income tax and National Insurance savings. If you are not an AXA UK or Ireland employee, please check with your local HR department to find out if your pension contributions are paid through a salary sacrifice arrangement.

What if I don’t want to make my contributions through Paysmart?

If you are currently making your contributions via Paysmart and wish to stop, then you will need to complete and return the Paysmart opt out form. Please note that if you opt out of Paysmart, then you will no longer receive National Insurance relief on your pension contributions.

I don’t see AXA’s pension contribution on my payslip. How do I know AXA are paying into my pension account?

AXA’s pension contributions don’t appear on your payslip. However, you can view AXA’s contribution on your pension statement online by logging on to

Why is the money not invested into my pension account the same day it is deducted from my salary?

There is a detailed process involved in transferring money from AXA to Aegon after it has been deducted from your pay to ensure that contributions are invested correctly. This normally takes around a couple of weeks to complete.

Is there a limit on the amount of contributions I can receive tax relief on?

Yes. You can find out more about the tax relief limits here.